Petit Bijou Biewer Terrier 

Sales Contract & Health Guarantee

This agreement is between the buyer _____________________________________________ and breeder Julie Parham of Petit Bijou Biewer Terrier, 825 Mount Vernon Church Rd Iva SC 29655

Puppy Name: _________________________________________________________Date of Birth: ____________________________

Sex: __________      Purchase Price: ____________________   

Registration Type: Limited Pet Only Not for Breeding or Show  

Microchip: __________________________________________

Color:  Black/White/Gold    

Dam Name: _____________________________________________       AKC Registration Number: _____________________________

Sire Name: ______________________________________________       AKC Registration Number: _____________________________

This form serves as a sales and health contract.  Buyer and Breeder agree to the following conditions of sale;

Breeder agrees to sell this puppy as a Pet Quality under the following conditions:

Breeder has determined that the Dog described above to be a “Pet Quality Not for Show or Breeding” This shall be understood to mean that the pet is sold as a pet and not eligible for breeding or as a show prospect and that no genetic disorders are immediately apparent. In such case, the Breeder shall provide Buyer with an AKC Registration Certificate or AKC 3 Generation Pedigree. The Breeder cannot guarantee the adult color, weight, or size of the dog.  If a buyer breeds the above-mentioned puppy/dog in this contract, which is also identifiable by microchip, the buyer can be liable for a fine of up to $10,000 to be paid to the breeder of this puppy/dog. This puppy/dog is not being sold with breeding rights and any breeding of this animal will be in direct violation of contract and buyer can be subjected to legal actions. The Breeder agrees to provide all up-to-date health records, SC Health Certificate and AKC 3 generation pedigree for this dog within 180 days of purchase. The Breeder guarantees that at the time of sale, this puppy is in good physical and mental condition to go to a new home and verified by a Licensed Veterinarian. 

·       The dog must be seen by a veterinarian within 48 hours of arrival and the findings sent to the breeder along with the veterinarians contact information. If this dog arrives home and is seriously sick or unhealthy in any way, the Buyer has (3) business days from delivery/pickup to contact the Breeder. If a legal licensed Veterinarian proves with a report that this puppy in unfit to live in his/her new home due to its serious medical condition which must be proven through specific testing or necropsy, performed by a licensed Veterinarian, the Buyer can either choose to replace the puppy for another of pet quality when available (or) provided a refunded price. Breeder shall reserve the right to have the diagnosis confirmed by a veterinarian of their choice before any refund or other compensation will be provided. All veterinarian records of illness and any/all registration papers or other related documentation should be provided by the buyer to the breeder prior to any form or compensation whether it be in the form of replacement or refund. 

·        All Petit Bijou Biewer Terrier puppies should be registered under the kennel name prefix “Petit Bijou” Breeder retains the rights to AKC pre-register all puppies with names of the Breeders choice and names cannot be changed by the buyer.  Buyer may never remove the kennel prefix from the Dog's registration name. Buyers must provide breeder with proof of spay or neuter at no sooner than 12 months of age. 

·        All Pet Quality puppies are required to be spay/neutered at 12 months of age at which time the record of spay/neuter shall be sent to the Breeder. It is important for the health of your developing puppy that they are not spayed or neutered prior to 12 months of age. All puppies are genetically clear for the duration of their lifetime of the following genetic conditions affecting the Biewer Terrier breed: Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Primary Lens Luxation, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria.  Breeder does not guarantee conditions which can develop once in the buyer’s possession due to faulty nutrition on buyers’ part, environmental stressors on buyers’ part, or environmental factors on buyers part. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the puppy/dog is not climbing, jumping, or performing any other activity that could cause physical damage to the puppy/dog including herniated disc, fractures or other ailments and injuries caused by not properly watching and caring for the puppy/dog.

·      The buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will be housed indoors, fed a quality diet, and kept current on all vaccinations and heart worm prevention and deworming schedules as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will never be taken to a dog shelter, pound, or any like facility. In the event that the buyer cannot keep the puppy/dog, the buyer is to contact the Breeder immediately.  The buyer is not to give the dog away under any circumstances to an unapproved person or party. The breeder retains the right to determine approved persons or party. This contract and its contents are not transferrable to another party. Buyer accepts all responsibility for conditions in this contract. 

If requirements of the contract are not met and/or the puppy/dog produces a litter the health warranty ends regardless of puppy/dog age and the buyer can be held liable for fees enforceable in a court of law in the State of South Carolina in the County of Anderson. 


Breeders Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Buyers Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Buyers Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Buyers Phone: _____________________________________________________________________

Buyers Email: ______________________________________________________________________