My puppies are priced at $4000-$5500 

Puppies sold as pet only. They are limited registration with no breeding rights. Registration will not be transferred into the new owners name until proof of spay or neuter, until this time the registration will list me as the co-owner. All puppies will go home with an AKC 3 generation pedigree. 

 Full registration can be obtained for an additional fee on puppies that meet breed standard to show/breeders only. Not all dogs will meet breed standards set by parent clubs. Some colors are considered faults and this should be considered by prospective buyers who wish to show a dog. A dog that does not meet breed standards due to color or bite does not make it a badly bred dog. These dogs make great pets but may not be best for a breeding program. Dogs with an extreme amount of white on their faces will require a spay or neuter contract, no exceptions. 

All of our puppies are Standard Black/Blue, Tan/Gold, White color. 

*Breeding healthy puppies and providing healthy dogs is my main goal. I urge all prospective owners to research the breed and genetic health concerns that are within the breed. This can all be found on the parent clubs site. For Biewer Terriers this is the Biewer Terrier Club of America. 

* Puppies will not go to their new home until they are 11 to 12 weeks old, and must be at minimum 2 pounds. They will be Embark Health tested*, have age appropriate puppy vaccines, dewormed, AKC 3 generation pedigree and socialized with other animals and people as well as  starting on potty training and basic commands. This does not mean your puppy will be potty trained or respond to commands. Training takes lots of time, patience and consistency. I use the Puppy Culture method of socializing and training all of my puppies to ensure the best temperaments and socialization.  I choose not to let them leave until I know for certain that they have had their age appropriate puppy vet visits. This is gives me the peace of mind as the breeder that my puppies are getting the appropriate vaccinations.

* If you would like to visit the puppy prior to home placement please contact me so a plan can be arranged. I do not meet people at my home to see puppies. *Due to safety and health precautions visitors will not be allowed at my home.* I can Facetime, Skype or any other method of video chat.  I do not meet in dog parks nor do I take my dogs to them. I live in Anderson County, in Upstate SC and have lots of areas to meet puppy buyers or we can meet you at one of the many dog shows in SC, NC, or GA depending on where we will be

* Please contact me on my Gooddog page to complete an application by selecting the link below. All prospective buyers must complete an application and all buyers must sign a contract. 

 *All payments are done through Gooddog. 

* All puppies sold on a pet contract will have a spay/neuter clause

* All Embark results are property of Petit Bijou. 

* All Biewer Terriers are AKC registered.

* All females born without color faults will be held back by breeder until 5 months old for show pick consideration.

*First pick of Puppies will always be the right of the breeder.

*Priority pick is given to show homes/breeders.

Applications and prices can be found on our Gooddog site